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From the SBDC workshop, fall 2013: "Please have more trainings like this." "Great class. Thank you." "Excellent" "Thank you for making this seminar possible!"


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The monthly talks are on sebatical. Keep your eye out here! The last meeting happened two days after I threw a huge surprise party for my husband's birthday, so I didn't do much promotion. At the meeting, we had three attendees, all of whom got some wonderful free tips. As I say often, it's like the gold rush these days - you can still walk up to a registrar and find big nuggets of domain names that can change everything. When attendance is small, we get a LOT done for each visitor. When attendance is high, EVERYONE benefits from watching how I help others. Come on down! Casweck Galleries is a really nice venue, right across from Collected Works book store on Water Street around the corner from the plaza.

You are invited to the next session on Tuesday October 1 at 6:30.

  • Casweck Galleries
  • 203 W. Water Street
  • Santa Fe, NM 87501

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